Monthly Archives: April 2012

Alice Gabb (available for commissions, workshops, or tea and cake.)

Those that know me know the place I hold in my heart for letter writing and all that it involves. It was no surprise then while walking through London’s bustling Broadway Market that Alice Gabb’s stall caught my eye. Filled with hand-printed stationary inspired by Gabb’s love of language, British regalia and vintage curiosities, it took all the restraint I had to not buy the entire contents of her beautifully decorated booth.

Staying true to MallVomit roots Gabb also sources her paper from small independent British paper specialists when she can’t find what she needs in the realms vintage and the reclaimed.

Looking for a pen pal anyone (it could be me!)? Shop Alice Gabb’s stall at Broadway Market (open Saturdays 9am-5pm) or online at