Monthly Archives: July 2012


Istanbul has now become my favourite city for a number of different reasons. The seemingly chaotic bustle of the nearly 15 million people who live and work in this Euro-Asian crossroad; the contrast and cohesiveness of the old world and new; the bazaars, the Bosphorous, the architecture, the people…the list indeed, goes on. And one more pleasant addition is #bunk. Feeling more like a hotel than a hostel, #bunk is the first boutique hostel I’ve come across where budget travel has finally met style and comfort.

Nestled among the fish stands, discos and shisha stalls of Taksim Square is the sanctuary of all sanctuaries for 20 something backpackers who have paid their fare share of dues in 18+ bed dorm rooms stinking up hostels around the world – #bunk. Where shall I start? The common area, taken directly from the pages of a design magazine I swear, is the perfect place to enjoy your complimentary breakfast and soak in modern design while staring at old world views. (How incredibly Istanbul!) Post ground-level indulgence, take a climb to the roof terrace (where the kitchen is conveniently located as well) and finish your apple tea while taking in the skyline of Istanbul. Better yet, do this all while soaking in the rooftop Jacuzzi in the coolness of the night. When your day is finally over relax in the comfort of your air-conditioned, duvet-covered, feather-pillowed bed. (Max 4 to a room.) Did I mention a white fluffy towel as well?

I could go on but instead I think you’d better come check it out for yourself – besides you need a vacation anyway! Balik Sokak No. 7, Kamer Hatun Mh, Istanbul, Turkey 34435. Or email for more information at