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Here Today Here Tomorrow

The designers – Anna-Maria, Emma, Julia and Katelyn

Sustainable fashion: music to my ears. And while I’ll try to bite my tongue and step down from the soapbox, I encourage you to research exactly why the fashion industry is yet another area where we should be shelling out that few extra pounds in the name of the environmentally conscious. HINT: it’s not good.

The folks at Here Today Here Tomorrow have been privy to this information for some time it seems. The shop, which celebrated its two-year anniversary just last week, is located in London’s East-end and was founded by four young ladies all with fashion and the environment in mind. Their aim is to “connect the customer…the materials, skills and time required to create unique products by hand and encourage customer engagement and understanding.” A process all too easily removed thanks to the high street retailers of today’s world. Social and environmental consciousness aside, the clothing itself is stylish, one-of-a-kind and made from fabrics like lyocell, soy and recycled materials of the sort.

I’ve made my journey to retail enlightenment, now it’s time to make yours – Here Today Here Tomorrow, 30A Balls Pond Road, Dalston, London N1 4AU.