About Arianne

The last word used to describe me would be “minimalist”, and as such I’m generally not drawn to interiors of the sort. But drawn I was, like a fly to the light, to About Arianne. This Barcelona shoe boutique located in the trendy neighbourhood of Borne gets minimalism just right – the white walls, blonde wood and punches of green foliage provide a surprisingly warming effect opposed to the sterility that the style tends to associate with. Not to forget the shoes, the collection is handmade from top quality leather in unique but stylish cuts and influenced by photography, illustration, film and people on the street. The store’s small selection compliments the interior in a way that makes the shoes look naturally placed instead of carefully merchandised.

If you’re lucky enough to make a trip to Barcelona in this dreary winter weather don’t forget a visit to About Arianne shoes. Esquirol nº 5 08003 (Borne) Barcelona. www.aboutarriane.com


2 thoughts on “About Arianne

  1. Godmom says:

    I’ll check it out on my next trip!

  2. pratima chauhan says:

    did u say shoes??!!

    looking at the photos takes me back a few years. these shoes remind me of shoes that were around a few years ago but with a definite edge! Love them!

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