Brick Lane market frequenters and local passersby would be hard-pressed to miss the florescent glow of Lik+Neon’s beckoning orange storefront; glowing even brighter, it seems in this mid winter grey. Not to be impressed by the outside alone, its “inners” are sure to maintain the appeal. Showcasing a wide selection of design from independent illustrators, printmakers & designers, I find myself walking out with some trinket or another on every visit I make. The interior also showcases an impressive milk carton lighting display designed by Gitta Gschwendter when the store was redone in 2010, along with kitty-cubbies for Lik+Neon’s four shop cats: Bobby, Browser, Oscar and Makita.

Lik+Neon 106 Sclater Street, E1 6HR,


3 thoughts on “Lik+Neon

  1. Tina says:

    I want the brain socks. Awesome find, Raekhs! I love the ceiling decor and the fact that they have cats! I have to come visit so we can shop around together!

    Also, i’m a huge fan of your writing. Just sayin.

  2. cyeoms says:

    cats, neon, graphics… this store was made for me!

  3. TK says:

    The best store in London, hands down. I do stop into Harvey Nicks and Liberty and all of those, but invariably leave feeling a bit grossed out and uninspired. But lik + neon always makes me smile. Plus I love the kitties.

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