Four years ago I bought an old typewriter as a birthday present to myself and my fervour for letter writing was born right then and there. This may seem strange coming from a blogger that shares her interests instantaneously through a glowing screen, but the joy of crafting a letter on bonafide paper and sealing my thoughts to travel time and space to arrive to just you – well, it all pleases me a great deal. And those who give shall too receive – I am happy, nay proud to boast that I am probably the only 20-something Londoner to receive more letters in the post than bills.

Enter Type. This East London purveyor of refurbished typewriters, stationary and vintage-trinkety-bits is doing its part in keeping the craft alive. Having recently relocated from Bethnal Green Road to Sclater Street (still a hop skip and a jump from the bustling Brick Lane), romancers of the written word can begin their journeys here. Bonus – check out the currently stocked weathered door-cum-canvas of my favourite local street artist Stik (see photo above).

Type, 66 Sclater St, London, E16HR, www.typeeast.com

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One thought on “Type

  1. Tina says:

    Makes me want to get a typewriter. LOVE.

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