Ally Capellino


Ally Capellino, East


Ally Capellino, West

Ally Capellino, West


As a resident of East London (loyal readers, could you tell?!) my visits into Ally Capellino’s Calvert Ave shop have been many over the past year I’ve called this neighbourhood home. At first being drawn to the design of the shop itself, it was that lingering luxurious smell of leather hanging heavy in the air that kept me coming back for more. ..

And OF COURSE the bags!

For those unfamiliar with Ally Capellino, the label started in clothing thirty odd years ago until venturing into the world of accessories in 2000. Inspired by Italian leathers, British waxed cotton and durable nylons, the Ally Capellino patron can walk away with unique, long lasting, beautiful bags all designed in the studio next-door. Cyclists and Apple enthusiasts can rejoice too, knowing that fashion and function have at last united – check out Ally Capellino Bag for Bikes, and Apple collaboration AO (for all your Mac needs!).

East-enders can visit Ally Capellino’s Shoreditch location at 9 Calvert Ave, E2 7JP, and my West-end readers can finally keep their Oyster cards in pocket too: 312 Portobello Rd, W10 5RU. All the rest:

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