Ever walk into a mall and have that feeling where your gut sinks, the room spins and all of a sudden you start to feel like you’re going to be sick? Me too. The noise, the crowds, the fluorescent lighting, the mass produced packages and cookie-cutter sales people, it’s all just a little too much.

But relax, it’s going to be just fine, I promise. First things first, turn around. Exit the way you came, leave the chaos behind and take a walk. Don’t you feel better already? Now look around. Go down that alley, take that new road, cross that bridge and I promise you will be pleasantly surprised.

This blog is my dedication to the unique, to the interesting, to the hard to find. It is my dedication to the discovery of those stores that are treasures in themselves (not to mention the treasures they hold!), that remedy the sickness induced by malls and make us feel good again inside.

To the underdog. To the creative. To the passionate.

This is MallVomit.


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  1. Nathalie says:

    Hi, I just came across your site and think you have a great idea. Is it possible to contact you via email, or would you be able to get in touch with me via email? Thanks! Nathalie

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