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Hoxton Street Monster Supplies

When I first moved to Hoxton my initial few wanders past the deepwood-shelved apothecaric purveyor of I didn’t know what, I admit that I was intrigued. Even more-so when my eyes skimmed over the name of this mysterious shop – Hoxton Street Monster Supplies, now what could that be? Wanting to fit in with the locals and feeling like I was the only one out of the know, it took a few more curious strolls past until my intrigue got the best of me. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies is the storefront and imagination-activating doorway between reality and the creative writing environment of Ministry of Stories. Founded in 2010 by author Nick Hornby, Lucy Macnab and Ben Payne, Ministry of Stories hosts children aged 8-18 in creative writing workshops facilitated by volunteers including writers, teachers, locals and artists. A closer look at the goods that Hoxton Street Monster Supplies has to offer and it all makes sense now; tins of Mortal Terror and Escalating Panic offer specially commissioned stories written by a host of well-loved authors such as Zadie Smith and David Nicholls. Brave visitors can also find a complete range of edible preserves and everyday essentials like Fang Floss and Zombie Mints. All proceeds, support the Ministry of Stories.

Located at 159 Hoxton Street, the shop is open Tuesday-Friday 1-5pm and Saturday 11am-5pm and is also available online at Those wishing to volunteer, learn more about the Ministry or just support the cause can visit